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Arizona Notary Public Supplies

Shop here for Arizona Notary Supplies. Order notary stamps, journals, seals, and ink, or build your own custom notary package. All prices include tax and postage.

Notary Packages

To create your own package, call (602) 996-4579 or send an e-mail.

Once your commission is perfected, and you receive your notary certificate, fax a copy of the certificate to us at 602 494-3365 to receive your notary stamp. State law requires you to provide a copy of your notary certificate in order to receive your notary stamp.

All of our notary public journals comply with Arizona State law.

Duties of a notary public require keeping, maintaining and protecting as public record a journal of all official acts performed by the notary as described in A.R.S. Section 41-319.

A notary must also keep as a reference a manual that is approved by the Secretary of State that describes the duties, authority and ethical responsibility of a notary public. Click here to download an Arizona State Notary Public Reference Manual.