Bonds and Insurance

Bonds & Insurance

Arizona requires a notary applicant to purchase a 4-year, $5,000 Notary Public Bond to protect the public from negligent mistakes or dishonest acts made by a notary. You may purchase the bond by itself or as part of any notary package.

Arizona Notary Public Bond

Amount: $5,000.00 | Term: 4-year | Premium: $50.00

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Notary Public Errors & Omissions Policies

Notary Public Errors and Omissions Policies protect the notary from liability for any innocent mistake or oversight. Purchase an Errors and Omissions Policy from Allied Bonded Insurance, LLC, and protect yourself from liability. If you currently have an Errors and Omissions policy with us, and you would like to increase the limit of liability, please contact Allied Bonded Insurance at (602) 996-4579 for assistance. Notary Public Errors & Omissions Policies may be added to any notary package.

Errors & Omissions Policies

For faster service, please call Allied Bonded Insurance at (602) 996-4579.

All Notary Public Bonds and Notary Errors & Omissions Policies are underwritten by Merchants Bonding Company (Mutual). Agent for all Notary Public Bonds and Notary Errors & Omissions Policies is Allied Bonded Insurance, LLC

Miscellaneous Bonds

Probate Bonds-Administrative, Executor, Personal Representative, Guardianship of Minor, Guardian/Conservator of Incapacitated Person
Fiduciary Bonds—Trustee
Court Bonds-Replevin, Attachment, Garnishment
Certificate of Title (Vehicle)
Contractor License Bonds
Public Official Bonds
Please call (602) 996-4579 for additional information and applications.