Serving Arizona’s Notary Public Since 1945

Over 70 Years of Notary Service in Phoenix, AZ

Allied Bonded Insurance LLC is a firm of proven notary professionals who provide personalized service you can depend on. Family-owned since 1945.

Our primary objectives are:

To treat our clients with respect and honesty

To be genuinely interested in our client’s needs

To provide accurate, personalized service

We provide a one-stop-shop for your notary needs.

Our aim is to reduce your stress and make your notary licensing a trouble-free process.

We Provide:

Notary Bonds
Seals and Stamps
Notary Errors and Omissions Insurance
Filing Fees
Thumbprinters, stamp ink, replacement pads, stamp pads

Our professional staff is courteous, and our prime goal is to provide excellent services to you.


Serving Arizona

Allied Bonded Insurance, LLC
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